Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm back

Hello! Long time no post, right? I couldn't remember the password for this account for the LONGEST TIME.  I am only back for a little while right now, then I plan to make a new account and get serious with this as I am now living back home, graduated college. ( yes! )

Just wanted to quickly update on a few things I got for Christmas this year and where you can get them for yourselves as well as...

bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask

Mally Beauty | Party Girl Palette
Comes with 3 cute little brushes, 4 shadow, and 2 blushes!
All of the shadow colors are shimmery. Top right is a nude ran that I would say could be used all over the lid the whole way up to the brow daily , beside that is almost so dark blue that it's black, below that is a GORGEOUS purple (maybe I'm biased since I've never come across a purple shadow that I don't love) with gold specks, and beside that is a shimmering brown.

It comes with this nice little plastic cover to keep the shadows from touching the blushes. One is a bronzer and the other is a just.. a pink blush. No crazy glitters or anything.
comes with 3 cute little brushes. 

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream with Olive Oil (LOVE!!!)
Wen Cucumber Aloe oil. It can be used on your body, hair, or in bath.
Wen Fig Replenishing Treatment Mist for hair and Wen Lavender Body Cleansing Cream
Full Thickening Cream by  Living Proof for hair.

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