Monday, January 16, 2012

Melty Colors!

It's Monday night and there's not much going on. We, my boyfriend and I, already called the bowling alley and there's no open bowl tonight, then we were going to go to Lowes to get stuff for some home improvement but it's raining ice right now (so bowling wouldn't have worked out anyway.) What to do?
Might as well FINALLY do something I've been wanting to do since the first day I saw it. MAKE MULTICOLORED CRAYONS!!

To being, unwrap however many crayons as you want. I set them up in color groups that I liked best. We ended up mixing them all around anyway so this was pointless. 
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Break the crayons up into small pieces. I found it was a little hard to get small enough pieces by breaking them with my hands, so I ended up cutting them with a butter knife. Be careful though, as the pieces will fly EVERYWHERE when you cut them.

We put them in the oven for.. actually neither of us can remember but I'll toss out around 8 minutes. All I can say is they melted super fast so keep your eyes peeled. Also, the smell when you open the oven is a little much so be prepared for that.

We wanted them to set quickly so we put them out in the snow. Before they cooled we twirled around some of the wax with toothpicks.

I was kind of disappointed when they were done setting because.. well look at that. It's not as cool looking as all the other ones I saw online.
BUT THEN! I flipped the mini-muffin tray and they came right out...
You can see how all the colors sort of sank to the bottom, but that's okay.

We're going to give them to Dustin's niece and nephew.

I really want to make more. I'd love to get a box of reds and pinks and make little heart shaped ones for Valentine's day. You can use candy molds for different shapes or probably any container that is oven safe.

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