Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bright Blue and Orange

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Can you tell I'm excited for Spring colors? Well, I am! For this look I started out with color #1 in the Sephora Block Buster Palette (08) it's a very bright aqua creme shadow. I went over that with the blue from HIP High Intensity Flashy. I layered and blended colors 2 and 3 over that to achieve some depth. In my crease is color #4, which is a dark greenish blue. The orange is from NYX Mosaic Powder blush in LOVE mixed with Hip High Intensity Flare. Below my brow bone is NYX Loose Pearl Shadow in Nude, while under my eye is color #1. My cheeks are blushed over with NYX Mosaic Blush in Love again and on my lips is a shimmery nude gloss from Sephora brand that no longer has a label, sorry! The liner is the same brandless/nameless gel pencil from Hot Topic applied with an angled brush. My mascara lately is Maybelline Colossal Mascara in black.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Urban Decay Loose Pigments

Have you ever been on the site Well, needless to say.. I love makeup and this site seems to always have my wanna-own makeup every other day, seriously. I've read that a lot of people have a problem with this site, such as not receiving their items or being charged too much or whatever.  I had no problem with the site when I ordered FIVE Urban Decay Loose Pigments for... drum roll please... $15 TOTAL! They're $20 each on, for crying out loud. They took about 2 and a half weeks to get here, which granted that is a long time, but goodness. That price, how could you not?
I bought Protest which is a green color full of glitter (they're all seemingly full of glitter actually.) The texture of it was coarse on my skin, unlike the others which went on smooth like any other shadow. It's a really pretty hunter green and the glitter appears to be mostly silver, and I think I spot a little amber color in there too. Rockstar is a purple, it gets pretty dark if you layer it on enough and the glitter is all sorts of small shimmery colors. Goddess is black, although it comes out with a lot of night blue glitter, the glitter doesn't last long and it's just black. Gunmetal is my favorite one so far. It's a gray with I want to say, mostly green and amber glitter. Baked is the one color I've been lusting after forever. It's a really pretty orange gold especially when applied wet. It is literally gold on top of gold. I can't wait for Summer! My overall opinion on these can be described as the expression"meh" They're okay. They're not awesome and I'm really glad I didn't give in and spend the $20 each. The applicator is the dumbest thing I've ever seen and it just causes the BIGGEST mess. So much fall out, so much glitter and heavy colors.. ANYWAY here's a look I did using 4 of them and an extra color from a Bare Minerals palette my sister bought me for Christmas. 
First I applied my primer, then I went over my lid with Gunmetal, 1st dry and that didn't come on dark enough, so then wet.

Apply Baked in and above the crease and blend blend blend.

Apply Goddess to the out "V" of your eye and about 3/4 of you crease going inward.

I can't express how important BLENDING is when doing make up. Sure anyone can toss some colors on their eyes, but the magic comes with blending and mixing the colors either on or off your face. Blend. Blend. Blend.

Stupid, annoying, messy, etc.

I added a Candy Glitter Liner from NYX in Disco Queen.

Brush and fill in your browns, apply mascara and you're good to go.. that is until you see the rest of your face and realize you haven't done anything else for the past 30 minutes!

I love glitter. This look came out a lot prettier than anticipated, huh?

I contoured my cheeks with Bronze Goddess 01 by Estee Lauder, then pinked up a bit with Pink Kiss which is also Estee Lauder. On my lips is just a nude gloss with Pink Kiss lipgloss by Estee Lauder mixed in for shimmer.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Estée Lauder Holiday 2010

So, this Christmas my boyfriend's sister, also named Ashley, surprised me with a gift! It was this awesome make up case full of nothing other than MAKE UP! 4 lipsticks, 3 liners, 4 brushes (much needed) duo tip lip gloss, 4 shades of blush, 18 eye shadows, and a hefty bottle of make up remover. The case itself is massive, I feel like such a girl carrying it around, but I love it. The brushes came in their own case which zips closed and is a nice size to carry your daily make up supply around in. It also came with a fun little book explaining two different looks which are able to be created using all of this deliciousness.

I attempted one of the Cool and Classic looks from the booklet, but to my dismay the labels on the back of the shadow compact are backwards! I stopped the look once I noticed, but then continued onward with my own idea. 

Before applying my eyeshadow I primed my eye with Lemonaid by Benefit to reduce redness. I then took a fluffy brush and passed the color "Polished Platinum" all over my lid and up to my eyebrow.  After highlighting the brow bone, go over lid with "Ivory Slipper," but keep it below your crease line.

Up next is your outer corner/1st crease color, "Berry Burst" It's a really pretty purple color, this image does it 0 justice.

Blend the Berry Burst back and forth across the crease, but being sure to keep the Ivory Slipper a noticeable gray.

Half way through my looks I usually remember that scotch tape is such a beneficial cosmetic tool. So, if you decide to use tape, just take a small piece and line it up following the curve of your lower lash line. Don't place it straight out toward your ear unless, of course, you want to. I like to keep mine slanted upward for when I get to lining my eye.  At this point I noticed that the crease of my eye wasn't looking quite dark enough so I went back over with the smallest brush that came included in this kit with "Amethyst Spark" It looks a little blue in the palette but it comes out purple, don't worry. 

I lined my eye with my trusty nameless gel stick from Hot Topic and an angled brush. If you go right over the tape and follow the line of your upper lashes, going from thicker at the outer corner to thinnest at the inner, the tape should come off leaving your liner looking perfect.

Whenever you take the tape off your skin will probably get a little red or have shadow residue around where the edge of the tape was, so just wait a minute for your skin to calm down, then go over it with make up remover.

Curl lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara. Under your eyes take a concealer, Erase Paste by Benefit, and dot small dots in a semi-circle. Using your ring finger rather than your index to blend and pat the concealer up and out will keep your skin from getting lose and causing wrinkles now and in the future. Very important tip to remember!

Next just brush and fill in your eye brows, maybe go over your under eye concealer with a light powder to keep it in place and voila! Your eyes are done.

On my lips is "Plum Divine" the darker gloss included in this set.

On my face I used "pure makeup" by Maybelline in Classic Ivory #2 with Bare Minerals Mineral Veil lightly brushed over. On my cheeks I used 3 of the blushes in this package, "Pink Kiss" "Bronze Goddess 01" and "Nude Rose"      

L'Oréal HIP High Intensity

Hey everyone, sorry I've taken so long to post. I just never really do crazy looks anymore and feel that my every day looks aren't much to post. If you think otherwise let me know in a comment! I am all about natural looks so if that's you're into or looking for please let me know and I'll post those. 

Here's a look I did before Christmas using the L'Oréal HIP High Intensity Duos in FLASHY. It's a vibrant teal and a soft cream color.

I first put Lemonaid by Benefit all over my lid up to the brow (I don't really recommend this unless the skin around your eyes tend to be red.)
Second I swept the cream color all over my lid up to my brow, to soak up oils and to give the other eye shadows something to stick to.
After this I applied the blue across the lid, but no higher than the crease. 
The darker color on the outer corner and along the crease is Sure Thing by Bare Minerals.
Just blend that inward and upward, but not too far up or you'll end up looking like a fool! 
Reapply the blue as much as needed.
I then lined the eye with Prestige liquid liner in Legend.

As always under my eyes is Benefit's Erase Paste in shade no. 1
Mascara is Maybelline Colossal Mascara in black