Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I always start with a generously moisturized face, then I base with Prime Time by bareMinerals all over. Under my eyes I mix Erase Paste shade No. 1 with Prescriptive Warm Beige. Believe it or not, my bronzer lately has been by Mary-Kate and Ashley for Walmart.

I prime my eyelids with Primer Potion in Sin. Both palettes are from Clinique, the one of the left is just a quad with Buttermilk, Beige Shimmer, Bewitched and Frosted Blossom. The one on the right is Strawberry Fudge (my favorite)

I apply buttermilk from my crease up to my brow first.

I then use the brown from the Strawberry Fudge palette in the outer corner of my eye. I dab it on, not swipe it.

I go about half way in with that color.

To make my eyes appear more awake, I use NYX Loose Pearl Pigment in Nude on the inner corner and a little up by my arch (not so much to look like '94 though ) Using the pink color of the Strawberry Fudge palette, fill in the rest of the lid, no higher than the crease.

For my liner I used Prestige liquid liner from CVS in dark brown along with Revlon ColorStay in brown

I line with the liquid liner on about 3/4th of the way. My tear ducts are really sensitive to liquid liner so I have to stop short. I go in afterward with the pencil liner on the inner corner and on the lower outer edge of my waterline.

I use One by One Volum Express in Black/Brown by Maybelline mascara. I brush my eyebrows with a clear mascara by MAX Factor.

I fill my brows in by using the darkest and second darkest colors of the Teddy Bear palette by Clinique.

For this look I blended Iced Lotus by Clinique with NARS Orgasm blush.
I  usually run my powder brush back under my eyes after I finish with everything to get rid of any fall out, then I'll dab a little extra Erase Paste for a brighter look.  

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  1. I love these kinds of updates!! I found your blog through the eyeshadowsluts community on LJ! My name is intestinalcrypt (I've never posted in that community). I hope you don't mind if I follow you! I'm just now getting started on blogger. :)